How to get the Motivation to go to the Gym

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Sometimes, getting motivation to go to the gym can feel like the hardest thing ever. Truth of the matter is if you don’t want to go to the gym, not much is going to make you because your mind is already made up. The best way to beat it is to open your mind to options to motivate you, and to work out which one of these methods works best for you.

Below are some tips on how to get motivated for the gym, try each one out next time you go to the gym and see which method works best!

Go with a buddy.

Having someone else to motivate you is a lot easier than motivating yourself, so if you can’t muster the enthusiasm to go to the gym, get one of your gym bunny friends to go along with you. It will really help you to motivate each other, and when you’re at the gym too there is no better motivation than trying to beat your friend’s scores.

Put your gym clothes on and leave the door.

Don’t think too much into going to the gym. The simple act of putting on your gym gear can motivate you to leave the house and go to the gym. Another good tip is to take your gym clothes with you to work if you plan on going to the gym after work. It is so much more effective than going home on your way to change, because as soon as you’re through the front door, getting up again and going to the gym will be the last thing you’ll want to do.

Go first thing in the morning.

If you go to the gym first thing in the morning, you’re a lot more likely to get your gym work out for the day as there is less time for making excuses or scenarios to stop you from getting to the gym. It can be really refreshing to your day if you start off with an hour or so gym session, and it’s a great way to get it out of the way.

Set yourself goals.

If you set yourself goals you’ll be more likely to work up the motivation to beat them. There is nothing more fulfilling than beating your time on the treadmill. Trying to beat your distance on the cross trainer or treadmill from the previous week is a good start.

Get personal training sessions.

If you’ve tried all of these, you can always look into getting personal training sessions. Not only will they motivate you, but they will get you seeing great results in no time, too! Knowing someone is waiting for you at the gym is a great way to get you motivated to get down there. Having someone pushing you on every hurdle is another get tactic!

Still unsure about getting motivation to go to the gym? Asking your trainer at your local gym is often a great way to start if you’ve tried everything else.