Jogging To Lose Body Fat

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There’s a number of ways to lose weight, and jogging to lose body fat is one of them! It’s best used within your overall weight loss and fitness plan, however, rather than being the only method you choose.

If you are just starting out on your weight loss and fitness journey, then jogging to lose weight is one of the real simple aerobic exercise routines you can add to your list.

But if you are used to fitness training, and have a variety of aerobic exercise routines you use on a regular basis, then jogging can be used on your recovery days. It’s lower impact than running, and is much less physically demanding, which gives your body a chance to recover whilst keeping active.

Burning calories through jogging is very similar to the calories burned whilst running (only a little less per mile, dependent on speed). As a general rule, you’ll burn approximately 100 calories per mile of jogging. Though the calories burned depends on a number of factors such as age, weight, sex, height, fitness level, etc., 100 calories per mile is a good approximation if you are tracking you calories in your training diary. Bear in mind though that this doesn’t include post exercise calorie burn. Your actual expenditure, 24 hours later, will be higher as your metabolism will be elevated for at least this long!

Jogging to lose body fat for beginners

Jogging for weight loss is especially good for beginners. You want to start off gradually, and build up your distance over time. Don’t worry too much about speed. Remember, your goal is jogging to lose body fat, not running to lose body fat! Speed will come with fitness and time.

Start off with a short distance, say 2 miles, but don’t feel you have to run this 2 miles all in one go! Break it down if you have to by jogging for a few minutes then walking for a few minutes, and so on.

By the time you’ve walked/jogged your 2 miles, you’ll still have burned off about 200 calories!

Each time you go out, try and increase you jogging time by 30 seconds and reduce your walking time by 30 seconds. Within a few weeks, you’ll find you can jog the 2 miles without stopping!

Once you get to this point, up your distance to 3 miles! Do the same again. If you get to say 2.5 miles and need to walk a little…then walk a little.

After another few weeks, you’ll be able to jog 3 miles in one go and burn around 300 calories for your efforts!

Continue like this until you reach you ultimate fitness goal.

Jogging to lose body fat and beyond

If your goal is to drop from 30 percent body fat to 15 percent body fat, or anything in between, then jogging to lose weight is a great start.

But if you’re really determined, and want to reach your goal in as short a time as possible, then you’re going to have to add other aerobic exercise routines to your fitness plan, and also some anaerobic routines.

Include a few dumbell circuit training sessions to your fitness plan. This will increase your lean muscle weight, which in turn will permanently increase your metabolism. Free calorie burning and more weight loss!

Once you’ve built your fitness and stamina up, and are a little more robust, then add some HIIT training as well. This is the ultimate in fat burning exercise! It super charges your metabolism and almost melts away the fat.

Checkout the growing list of free workout plans to help you achieve your goals. Adding variety to your fitness plan will keep your motivation to exercise high. After all, motivation is the key to your weight loss and fitness success.