What is Aerobic Exercise

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To understand the question What is aerobic exercise? we should first consider exactly what the term aerobic really means. Then we will be able to understand the exact meaning of aerobic exercise and why you should include it in your lifestyle to aid your health related fitness.

Understanding the term aerobic and aerobic respiration

The term aerobic means with oxygen. For you, this means any light to moderate exercise which makes use of your aerobic energy system to produce energy and fire up your muscles. Really, it is any prolonged type of exercise. In contrast, short sharp bursts of high intensity exercise generally uses the anaerobic system, which basically means respiration without oxygen. (Your energy produced during these intense bursts is produced without oxygen.)

You have most certainly noticed your breathing increase in frequency and depth as you perform any type of exercise. This is basically your body’s way of taking in more oxygen to react with your stores of carbohydrates and fats (and some protein) to produce energy. This is your aerobic respiration. So what is aerobic exercise and why incorporate it into your health regime?

Now we understand the terms aerobic and aerobic respiration, it’s not too hard to figure out what aerobic exercise actually is…

It’s exercise that requires the use of oxygen to provide energy for prolonged periods of activity (through aerobic respiration).

So why should you incorporate this into your healthy routine?

Because the benefits of aerobic exercise are fantastic. Research has shown that taking part in regular exercise has a significant effect on your health, from reduced risk of contracting certain illness and diseases (including cancers and heart disease, etc.) through to elevating mood and fighting depression.

Becoming more active and adding aerobic exercise to your lifestyle

So if you haven’t already, now you know why you should start adding aerobic exercise to your routine. But where do you start?

Really all you need to do is become more active. Do more in the garden, go for walks, get out on the bike, or anything else that gets your heart rate up and your lungs working harder.