What’s the Best way to Find Good Weight loss Products?

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It seems we are going from a population of overweight unhealthy people to absolute health and fitness nuts! Everyone is hitting the online weight loss review sites and as in most cases are really confused! That’s ok because here we will show you what weight loss products and systems are out there and how to read the reviews.

Basic weight loss systems

Most of the weight loss systems out there are basic in nature and most of them are the same. The systems as we call it now, come in several genres which you will learn here. Weight loss reviews can be found on their own websites but we will cover where you can find the most fair and accurate reviews in other places.

Glycemic Genre

This genre has a multitude of weight loss systems that go by your body’s ability to metabolize. The premise is to use your glycemic index to figure out what foods you should eat and which foods and drinks to avoid. This is set up in such a way that you are being taught how to eat for your health and for life rather than dieting a hundred times in your life and having to go on starvation diets that will shake your blood sugar. In their weight loss reviews, they maintain that people who do this could eventually end up with diabetes because of the spikes in blood sugar from having an inconsistent blood sugar level.

Blood Type Genre

This would follow along the same lines as the above glycemic index weight loss system but works with what blood type you have in order to advise what foods are to be eaten and what foods should be avoided to deliver optimal weight loss. This diet gained much popularity in weight loss reviewsand seems to have had significant success.

Calorie – Based Diets

Calorie based diets are the most popular among most of the population for two reasons; they offer a speedy result so people will go on these after the holidays or before an event to lose on average 5 to 20 lbs. in one shot. They also offer convenience in pre-packaged food you can have delivered or pickup at their office if you have a local one. Usually companies like Weight Watchers  and Nutra System have this system in place. According to weight loss reviews though these systems that are calorie based have the highest rate of those who re gain the weight over time and have to redo the same diet many times. This is usually not due to the diet system but due to the way people use them. Calorie and portion controlled diets are good in the right hands and not used as a get thin quick strategy.